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"Dio" "Dio"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sweet beyond sweetness

I FREAKIN' LOVE IT. me and my bros all watched this together and since we are all big D fans we all enjoyed it. (I am actually called DIO by some close friends because those are my initials.)

The whole movie was great but I would like to point out some parts I thought were special.
1. The different sytles you had for drawing Jack Black and Kyle Gass. I could really see your creativity.
2. The Pick of Destiny that Dio gave them has one of the secrets he has learned. That was pretty clever
3. The appearance of the Saxoboom really made my day. Brilliant, purely brilliant.

I will probably vote 5 for this movie, not only today but the next couple days too. Thank you for changing my life tonight. I will be looking for future works by you.


MichaFrario responds:

:'D Didn't knew you guys got so touched by this movie. Jack black just looks differant because he has more expressive eyes, Kyle just looks more realxer and Dio has more wrinkles and details in his face, making them look differant from eachother. The Pick was an idea i got from a friend, the saxaboom was a request from a friend XD.

Thanks alot for the appreciation :)!

Crazy Bum Crazy Bum

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good, but wrong

Animation was a little stiff. Just remember Lousy Goosey baby, lousy goosey.

Oh, by the way, the song was a remix of Axel F by Crazy Frog, not a song BY Axel F.

eyePod eyePod

Rated 4 / 5 stars

All-time favorites

That was shweet. Can't wait to watch some of your other movies.

You'll be on my favorite artest list, so I'll be watching.
Once again nice job